TypeNotes issue #3

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230 x 308 mm
112 pages
London, UK


Erik Brandt’s garage gallery goes global
A treasure trove of typography at the BFI
A big typographic night out
Creative opportunities with variable fonts
How to use symbols and set type properly
A guide to type styles
Design heroes with Georgia Fendley
Behind the scenes at St Bride
Adam Higton’s sketches
How fonts are used by artists from Ed Ruscha to Tracey Emin, via Bob and Roberta Smith, and the
Guerrilla Girls
And so much more!


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TypeNotes issue #3 is a magazine dedicated to typography and graphic design. Drawing on Fontsmith’s in-house expertise as well as hearing from voices around the creative industries worldwide such as Design Army, Noise 13, Chris Pitney, The Company You Keep, Construct, Adam Higton and Triboro to name but a few.


[Texto from the editor]

TypeNotes issue #3 was two years in the making and well worth the wait.

For the typophiles, expect our usual deep dive into the intricacies of designing punctuation marks; We also look at the crucial but oft-overlooked role of typography in contemporary and conceptual art, and discuss the importance and relevance of St Bride Foundation in preserving typographic ephemera and bringing together like-minded typographers, designers, illustrators and general letter-nuts.

This mixture of the serious and the playful is summarised neatly in a couple of pieces—one which looks at the “after hours” preoccupations of a few creative professionals (expect everything from swimming to chilli sauce) and a never-before-seen delve into the British Film Institute’s stunning archive of programmes that date from the 1950s to the present day. These offer a fascinating exploration of not only what people wanted to see on the silver screen but how they found out about them, with the type used on such pieces of printed matter offering beautiful clues into the moods and graphic trends of the past seven decades.

As ever, it’s been a joyful process to delve into the possibilities of TypeNotes issue #3 as a printed publication to explore what typography means to us all; whether you work in the industry or just happen to find yourself in a particularly typographically interesting samosa shop, somewhere in Dalston at some unspecified point of a weekend. Hopefully you, our readers, will enjoy celebrating lettering and all its multifarious manifestations as much as we did, as well as joining us in celebrating type-heroes both sung and unsung who’ve been kind enough to let us and our photographers into their studios, sketchbooks, beer mat collections and practices.

We’re proud to be the only magazine to discuss one man in Minnesota’s garage-based gallery-turned-global-typographic-sensation alongside intricate guidance on the correct typesetting of symbols; why Futura is the feminist font of the art world thanks to the likes of Barbara Kruger and Gorilla Girls; the beauty of audio interface fonts and a hell of a lot more besides.

TypeNotes Issue #3 TypeNotes Issue #3 TypeNotes issue 3

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