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Revista Mincho (Nº 19)

9.50 IVA Incluido

Illustration: Louise Lockhart (interview) // Food through the Eye of an Illustrator (Furze ChanLucile Prache & Vicki Turner) // Derek Yaniger
In Motion: Céline Devaux (Le repas dominical)
Comic: Roberta Vázquez
Art + Design: Louise Fili // Manuel Estrada
The New Contemporary: Bobby Baker (cover artist)
Have a Nice Book:  Felix Bork (Und Was Isst Du Dann?)

Minchō #19 echoes the recent fascination with cooking in an issue about food, creativity and collaboration, ranging from food illustration and design to works that celebrate the spirit of communal eating and drinking to help readers to take a cultural approach to this succulent theme.

The aluminium container on the front-cover that invites you to open this tasty issue is the creative invitation to a food exhibition by the London artist and activist, Bobby Baker, the perfect metaphor for the creation of something exciting out of the ordinary. In the end, this is what food-related art and cooking is all about.


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